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  • Tank car

Based on a regular vehicle, it has a 1000-2000L tank, a high-pressure pump (plunger pump, power sprayer), a spray hose (standard 50m), and a boom. However, boom spraying is difficult when based on a regular vehicle because of the difficulty of stable low-speed driving and delicate work, and there are problems with the vehicle's wheel tracks, so these days tank cars are often used mainly for hand spraying. Because it is based on a vehicle, it can move quickly.

  • Sprayer

It is designed primarily for boom spraying, and often uses a low-pressure pump. The base vehicle also comes standard with wide tires, considering that it will be driven on a course. In most cases, it is not equipped with a hose reel, and even if it is, it can only be used for simple spot spraying. As it is a general-purpose work machine, its travel speed is slower than that of a tank truck.

Hatsuta - TS-1000 Sprayer 1,000L

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