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・Designed with low center of gravity and safety.
・Travels and operates on a hydraulic drive.
・The hopper position is low to facilitate sand delivery.
・Can also be used on slopes.



    Total length 227cm
 Total width 185cm
 Total height 117.5cm
 Gross weight 700kg
 Maximum weight 1,300kg(At the time of biggest loading 600kg)
 width of working 105cm
 Hopper capacity 450L
 Hight of hopper 90cm
 Steering Power steering
 Engine Kohler CH22 16.2kW(22PS)
 Drive HST
 Speed Forward0~15km/h
 Tire Tire 24×13.00 ground pressure Less than 1kgf/cm2
 Wheelbase 155cm

Baroness - MS400 (Riding Topdresser)

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