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The cross circuit system works by connecting the hydraulic flow from either front wheel to the opposite rear wheel in a cross, as its name implies. The cross circuit drive system combines the turning abilities of a parallel circuit with the climbing capabilities of a series circuit.


The LM551 has multiple options of cutting units 22" and 26" that can be fitted to better match the machine to your course. The LH52 unit, which  has a 127mm diameter reel, the LH62/66 & LS66 unit with a 163mm diameter reel. Each cutting unit has the option of 9 or 7 blade reels and can be fitted with a groomer, power brush, front & rear roller scraper and newly designed PE grass boxes. *Groomer and power brush can be fitted as a combination or individually on LH units only.


Superb access to make all servicing and adjustments very straightforward. Adjustment of the cutting reel and bedknives is assisted by the ability to turn off the reel motor drive, removing hydraulic circuit resistance, and making turning the cutting reel a breeze.


At the heart of every Baroness reel mower is the cutting reel and bedknife. No one takes more care than Baroness! Every cutting reel is individually balanced before being installed and our heat treatment process ensures that the cutting edges of both our cutting reels and bedknives stay sharp and true.

  • B-ACT

B-ACT - BARONESS aggression cutting technology. Most of the mowers and mower units produced by Baroness are eqiupped with B-ACT. B-ACT allows the end user to adjust the cutting aggression to better fit their individual course needs.



Baroness - LM551

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