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Equipped with HST (Load Selectable Hydraulic Transmission), the GM960T rotary motor enables the right foot to solely control speed and move forwards and backwards using one pedal.


The climbing power is superb and the turning radius is impressively small.

The hand lever is interlocked with the foot. Baroness' unique wide & low design enables the machine to operate at a low position, ideal for cutting grass at orchards or wineries.


Specifications (GM961 / 960T)

Length : 188cm

Width : 116cm

Height : 91cm

Total Weight : 291kg

Engine : Vanguard 356777 13.2kW/4000rpm

Cutting Width : 96cm

Speed : Traveling : 9.5km/h | Working : 5.5km/h

Baroness - GM961 (Rotary Mower)

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