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Nothing on your course gets more scrutiny than the greens. Which is why since 2005, John Deere has been introducing customers to the many benefits of E-Cut Hybrid technology:

  • Elimination of 102 hydraulic leak points in the reel circuit.
  • A consistent frequency of clip that can only be generated by electricity.
  • Lower fuel consumption and reduced sound levels.
  • Easier maintenance than conventional mowers.



  • A proven design that drives the cutting unit with electric reel motors
  • 102 potential leak points eliminated in the reel circuit
  • Reduced sound levels and fuel consumption @ 2250 RPM
  • Greatly reduce triplex ring with exclusive offset cutting units
  • 14-blade reel lowers frequency of clip

  • 48-V alternator powers reel drive motors, requiring no additional batteries on unit

  • Electric reel drive system eliminates 102 hydraulic leak points, minimizing leak opportunities

  • Optional weight transfer grass-catcher system transfers clipping weight to frame, rather than to cutting unit

  • Quiet and powerful diesel engine

  • Reduced sound levels and reduced fuel consumption at 2250 rpm; throttle notch serves as a guide

  • Brushless electric reel motors for compact design and optimal efficiency



Engine : 19.6hp (4.6 kW) gross @3000 rpm, 784cc, PS

Cutting Units : Quick Adjust QA5 22 in, 55.9 cm, offset design

Cutting Width : 62in (157.5cm)


For more informations on Features and Specifications please see : John Deere

John Deere - 2500e (Riding Greens Mower)

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