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An excellent all-around performer, the 22-in. (56 cm) 220SL can be enhanced, like every other model, with a Greens Tender Conditioner or rotary brush to reduce grain and help control runners for an even more impressive after-cut appearance.



  • Adjustable, loop-style handlebar for maximum comfort and control
  • Rubber isolators for reduced vibration
  • Easily accessible bedknife-to-reel adjustment
  • Speed Link™ height-of-cut system adjusts both sides of the roller at the same time

  • Consistent effective height of cut

  • Roller attaching system for quick removal and installation of the front roller for changing conditions

  • Narrow front-roller-to-rear-drum distance for contour following and cleanup-pass cut quality

  • Grass-catcher system—Fixed to plane of reel for maximum performance in severe undulations

  • Integrated gear reduction yields same quality of cut regardless of operator mowing speed

  • Simple operator control design requires all controls to move forward for engagement

  • Standard operator-presence system — Quick release to disengage traction

  • Adjustable, loop-style handlebar for maximum comfort and control

  • Quiet, smooth gas engine

  • Rubber isolators for reduced vibration

  • Dual traction rolls for straight tracking and excellent maneuverability

  • Sealed external differential provides even power distribution for drive rolls and reel

  • Gear-driven, counter-rotating rotary brush and Greens Tender™ Conditioner for grain and thatch control

  • High-strength steel reels—Long life, reduced maintenance, and superior toughness

  • Special alloys ensure bedknives are tough and resistant

  • Wide range of roller options, including grooved, smooth, and spiral rollers

  • Easily accessible bedknife-to-reel adjustment

  • Greasable reel and roller bearings purge unwanted contaminants

  • 14-blade reel lowers frequency of clip



Engine : Honda air-cooled, 4-cycle, Gas.

Fuel Tank Capacity : 2.5 litres

Cutting Width : 22" (55.9cm)

Reel - Diameter, in (mm) : 5" (127mm)

Reel - Number of blades : 11 or 14 blades

Reel - Material : Heat-treated chromium molydenum steel

Reel - Bedknife standard, in (mm) : 0.098" (2.5mm) thick x18 (457) long

Dimension (Tyres installed)

Length, in (mm) : 37" (940mm)

Width, in (cm) : 33.3" (84.5cm)

Height, in (cm) : 47" (119cm)


For more information on Features and Specifications please go to : John Deere

John Deere - 220sl (Walking Greens Mower)

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