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  • Body design

- The small body is specialized for green work and features a maneuverable three-wheeled vehicle.

- It comes standard with triple urethane tires (wide type) on the front wheels and wide urethane tires (two tires) on the rear wheels to prevent damage to the green.

- The center of gravity is low overall, allowing for stable movement and making it easy to approach the green.

  • Wide urethane tires on rear wheels (separate left and right)

Benefits of urethane tires: Reduces the load on the grass.

- The rolling effect is weaker than that of rubber tires, but it is effective in smoothing the surface after renewal work.

- Coring and vertical work areas are less likely to be crushed, so the efficiency of top sand application is improved.

*By eliminating the gap between the front and rear wheels, tire marks left behind after work have been eliminated.

*The three-wheel separate type allows for stable high-speed movement.

*All tires are within the spreading width, so they do not step on the sand after spreading.

  • Work Unit Design

Compared to conventional products, the design of the roll brush reduces protrusion and the hopper is positioned at a low position, making it extremely easy to load from a dump truck.

  • Baffle board (measure to reduce load on conveyor belt)

By installing a replaceable baffle board inside the hopper, the load on the sand on the conveyor belt can be reduced.

  • Gradation wing (spreader streak reduction mechanism)

- The advantage of the drop-type sand spreader is that it can spread sand at a consistent width with a consistent amount, but the disadvantage is that if there is an overlap, the overlapped area will remain as a streak even after rubbing.

- By using a sand spreader that reduces streaks, the appropriate amount of sand will be spread when the sand on both ends is blended (thinned) and overlapped.

- This eliminates the difference in spreading skill, and you can expect a beautiful finish no matter who is riding and spreading the sand.

*The gradation wing is for baking sand only.
*Adjustments may be required depending on the sand and its quality used.
*The gradation wing can be removed.

Hatsuta - GSV-2000

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