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T-Mat (ทีแมท) ⛳


Size (ขนาด) : 1.50 x 1.50 ม.
Thick (ความหนา) : 33 มม.
Weight (น้ำหนัก) : 20 kg.
Materials (ส่วนประกอบ) : Mat (หญ้าเทียม) 33 มม. / PVC (พีวีซี) 5มม. /  Foam (โฟม) 15 มม.




-This type of artificial grass is artificial grass with very small and dense strands.

-Until you can insert the plastic tee into any point on the grass.

-Especially suitable for beginners

-Play like fairway no Bounce and resistance.

-Wooden tees will stick in the mat.


* Used by 80% of all driving ranges in Thailand and nearby countries. 
* Very durable for tropical weather and rainfall.
* Very popular among golfers who want to practice at home .
* Multiple models for all golfers (3D Mat, Training Mat, T-Mat and G-Mat).

หญ้าเทียม T-Mat

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