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Kenda Golf Car Tires Delivery !

GmGolf Bangkok Team is very proud to share that we have a total of 6 pallets of Kenda Golf Car Tires & Turf Tires that are exporting to nearby country in Asia.

We continue to thank our ASEAN customers for continue to push it with us and providing the #1 Golf Car Tire in the world Kenda Tire Tire. We are exporting,

  1. 20x10.00-10 K389 (Golf Car Pattern) Tire that runs great for both Concrete & Turf. It is one of a kind!

  2. 18x8.50-8 K389 Hole-N-One the #1 Golf Car Tire in the world that is used by most if not all the Golf Car Manufacture/Factories in the world.

We can go take a look at any brand new Club Car or EZGO Golf Cars out of the factory it is 100% equipped and trusted with Kenda Tire around the world, everywhere.

We are fortunate to be the Authorized Distributor for Kenda Tires and continue to push the market and provide the best tire in Golf.

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