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Baroness GM1700 is out!

GmGolf Bangkok Delivery team went and sent out a Deck Assy for the Baroness Gm1700 Ride on AWD Rough Mower. This unit has been working for a 27 hole golf club and acting as the only rough mower for the golf course.

Working hard for the past 5 years, clocking 7-8 hours of hardwork everyday. We are proud that Baroness (Made in Japan) mowers are very durable and user friendly for the Southeast Asia market.

Baroness Gm1700 Rought Mower (Mid-Mounted) is one of our top seller units in our markets. The price is very reasonable and comes with a 2 + 1 Year = 3 Year warranty as well as GmGolf Service Team following up on site for support and questions.

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