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Air Force Hover Mowers check-up before delivery!

GmGolf Bangkok Delivery Team would like to thank our very good customer just outside of Bangkok City for purchasing some Air Force Hover Mower (19"/Honda Engine) Made in USA.

GmGolf is the Authorized Distributor for Air Force Hover Mowers and we have Machines as well as Parts in stock.

Air Force Hover Mower is a game changer with 2 models,

  1. F15 - 15" Deck, 2 Cylinder Engine, 50% the weight of F19, and is a BEAST for steeper areas for cut.

  2. F19 - 19" Deck, 4 Cylinde Engine Honda, Only 17.30kgs, and is a BEAST for bigger flatter areas for cut.

If you have any more questions or inquiries please let GmGolf know anytime. Thank you!

Slide to see the pictures...

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