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NEW FOR 2014

Golf Pride : CP2 , New Decade Multicompound Platinum , Tore Velvet Super Tack
Winn : WinnProX
Champ : C1 Putter , C2 Classical Performance , C4 Core Performance , C6 Tore Performance
Pure Grips...

NEW FOR 2014

Golf Cars Tire & Turf Tires
Carlisle Links : 18x8.50-8, 4 PR
Duro HF-273 : 18x8.50-8, 4 PR
Kenda Hole-N-1 : 18x8.50-8, 4 PR
Maxxis Protech : 18x8.50-8, 4 PR

NEW FOR 2014

Golf Cars
Utility Cars : Turf 2 Seat , Limo 4 - 6 Seat

NEW FOR 2014

Golf Cart TK-888 & TK-999
- Heavy Duty Model
- Material : Aluminum
- Fit any size bags
- Steel bearing for the wheel
- Easy to fold down

NEW FOR 2014

John Deere D140
- Engine is powerful
- Frame made of full-length welded steel
- Hydro/automatic drive
- In-store pickup or delivery available

FREE Delivery
Free Shipping on minimum order quantities.
7 day return policy
The product must be in perfect condition. No damage to any product that has been used.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

    " BARONESS "
    Our company has been producing grass-cutting machinery for over 40 years under the brand name Baroness. As recent needs have changed and become more specific, so have we also become more specialized. We have developed 5 distinct series, each aimed at maintenance of a specific terrain, grass type, or desired finish, and each containing a wide variety of cutting machines. From hand pushed mowers to self- propelled and rider mowers, each series has the machinery suitable for any job. Developing products that continue to meet our customer's high expectations is always our primary goal.

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    About Us

    Welcome to the world of golf. If you are a Golf Course owner, Driving Range owner or a Golf Lover, then there is no way for you to walk pass our company without noticing us. We have the best quality equipments for Golf Course, Driving Range, Pro Shops, and also individuals who play golf. We also provide all kinds of golf accessories too!

    Our company primarily started in Taipei, Taiwan. However, after years of development, in 1993 we expanded to Mainland China. After two more years of hardworking and improvements, we, in 1995 moved into a new paradise for golf, Thailand. With our many supplies of Golf equipments,

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